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We manufacture cardboard tubes for the most diverse applications. In order to guarantee the quality of the manufactured products, besides using high quality raw materials, they are submitted to control tests in order to respect the specifications required by the customer. Below is a general outline of the range of products manufactured, which may be adjusted according to customer needs.

Parallel wound cardboard tubes

Int. Diameter: 5 to 304 mm
Thickness: 0.5 to 20 mm – High resistance tubes, with smooth surface or with relief, as well as painted in different colours and shapes.
Application examples: paper transformer sleeves; cardboard tubes for fax rolls; cardboard tubes for pyrotechnics; pyrotechnic material shooting tubes.

Cardboard capsules

Length: 50 to 300 mm
Inside diameter: 10 to 32 mm – The capsules have a closed end, which can optionally be paraffined, reducing the risk of material leakage. The external surface can be painted in different colours and shapes.
Application Examples: Reservoir for bombs in rockets;

Examples of Tubes

Tubes for paper industry applications
Tubes and pipes (cut and uncut) for applications in the pyrotechnics industry
Capsules designed to contain explosives (pyrotechnic industry)
Catalogued Tubes
Tubes for textile industry applications
Capsules Ø10,5 – Ø32 painted and catalogued
Firing tubes with and without wooden cover, painted or natural (cañones)
Capsules Ø10,5 – Ø32 painted and catalogued
Tubes for Ø45 to Ø88,5

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