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Packaging and Distribution depending on the type of product and customer specifications, products can be packaged in various ways, namely in paper or plastic bags. With regard to distribution, products can be delivered directly to any location, dispatched by delivery services or, if the customer prefers, picked up at the company’s own facilities.


PAPER BAGS: Used for packing tubes for pyrotechnics, sleeves for cash registers, cardboard tubes for fax machines.

PLASTIC BAGS: Used for packaging cardboard tubes for adhesive tapes, cardboard tubes for toilet paper rolls.

Manufacturing Process

Before any kind of transformation begins, the paper arrives at the mill in large reels. Then, depending on the type of tube to be made, the manufacturing process begins. All the necessary steps in the process are described below:

  1. Choice of paper;
  2. Start of the transformation of the paper into a tube;
  3. Drying;
  4. Cutting;
  5. Finishing;
  6. Packaging;
  7. Shipping.

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