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Pyrotechnics | Cylindrical tubes


INDUTUBOS has been working in the field of cardboard tubes since February 10th, 1984 and today its know-how and experience is confirmed by the quality of the products it manufactures, in line with market requirements.

The confidence placed in us is the result of a market presence which aims to meet the needs of its customers, necessarily including determining the “product-function” ratio in order to avoid insufficient or excessive quality in its products. These are intended for the most diverse applications, from pyrotechnics (including in Spain) to textiles, from the paper processing industry to support for derivatives to other types of industries.

INDUTUBOS, a prestigious company, currently has 15 employees on its staff, who are daily users of 4 automatic tube manufacturing machines, 6 automatic tube cutting machines and 6 automatic finishing machines.


The services provided by Indutubos must constantly meet the needs and expectations of its customers and other stakeholders, promoting development in the area of production and marketing of paper tubes through the high quality of its action.

In this sense, the management decided to establish a Quality Management System in accordance with the standard NP EN ISO 9001: 2015, with a view to compliance with its requirements and continuous improvement of its effectiveness.

We intend to act in order to:

Obtain customer satisfaction with a view to their loyalty.
Encourage the continuous professional training and updating of all employees.
Encourage, at all levels, the adoption of a philosophy of continuous improvement, with a view to total satisfaction of two technical and legal requirements and the expectations of their customers.

“We rely on our proven experience in Quality Products”.

INDUTUBOS – Soc. Industrial de Tubos de Papel, Lda.
Rua da Capela, 105 – Atalaia • 2260-014 V.N. BARQUINHA
Tel.: 00351 249 710 816 • Fax: 00351 249 710 024